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The mysteries of music

This text is taken from the film "The Mermaids"
Listen and convince yourself of the reverse covering - sequences of reversed songs ( muzicarockreverse.mp3 )


You may consider it unbelievable, but the one you have already seen singing it's me.

Hello, my name is Andrew, and what I want to share to you are some of my previous experiences concerning groups, music and the reasons that made me decide to give them all up and begin a new life. The goal of this film is the research of the secret power of the music and especially of the rock music. First of all I want to watch it entirely with attention, since it contains things that more or less concern us all.

The rock music was the greatest experience of my life, I was fascinated with the rock stars' glory and their charming life.

With the passing of time, all these astonished me. I began to pay less attention to the study and more attention to what the rock stars said to me, whom I considered real gods.

My aim was to get to their level. I began to think, imitate , live according to what they said and to their philosophies, ignoring what my parents, my relatives and my friends said to me.
During this period, even if I was born in an Orthodox family, I wasn't a faithful myself. I used to go to church from time to time, quite seldom, out of habitude.

My view regarding God had been formed under the influence of the S.F. movies, cartoons U.F.O. all these contributed to a deformed image about who and what God.was I considered Him to be a superior being, the way the majority of the people do.

And if someone had talked top me about traditions, I would have considered them retrograde and conservatory. This way I couldn't understand that my mind was poisoned with all these modern ideas.

But, after a sequence of events, my friends began to show interest towards Christianity, and this way I saw a video tape about rock music, which revealed to me facts I had paid no attention to before and whom I want to present right now.
I started to read about Christ and Christianity and step by step, I saw the Truth.

Christ's birth separates in two the entire mankind. If you cannot believe, take a look at your newspaper. If we take into consideration a history scale, we see that it is shared in before Christ and after Christ. Notice that in the middle there is Christ and not somebody else as Buddha, Alexander the Great or any other important event.

If Christ is only a mere kind man, the way the majority of people believe, why is it Him the One Who separates the whole mankind in two? It is clear that He is more than a kind man.

Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth. Easter is the celebration of His Resurrection. Resurrection is a real historical event, which differentiates Him from any other personality who had ever lived. Who researches with objectivity His Resurrection sees this very clearly.

Jesus Christ is the very incarnated God. Even if we always have all of these in front of our eyes, how many of us think about them? Christmas has now the meaning of Santa Claus, gifts, holidays, as well as The Resurrection means nowadays food, drinks and parties. They became so usual that they lost their original signification and their real importance.

Since there really is God-Man Jesus, there also is His enemy, Satan, fact that I had never believed. It is strange that it is easy to be bad and hard to be good. It is easy to drink, to smoke, to drug, to estrange, but it is difficult to be abstinent, restrained. Another example: to kill a human being takes only a second, whereas to create one takes nine months. This is a natural law: to do good takes a lot of effort, but it is very easy to be bad.

God is Spirit, and man is a perfect creation accomplished by Him, having a spiritual essence.

The Saint Scriptures says to us: "Then taking the Lord dust out of the ground made the man and blew upon him breath of life and made him living being(The book of Genesis- 2,7)".

There is also written that the main purpose of the angels is that of singing and ceaselessly glorifying God. Before its fall, because of pride, Satan as God's archangel had a great part in this serving and knows very well the influence the music has on the soul. Even the word "Music" indicates a spiritual dimension and comes from the word "Muse" which means "artistic spirit".

As we have seen beforehand, man is both body and soul. Music has the power to influence our souls in a good sense and also in a bad one. Have you ever asked yourselves why, when listening to music, we unwillingly move our foot or hand in the rhythm of music? These movements happen automatically, with no effort made by us.

The power of music was very well known by our ancestors. The ancient Spartans , during wars were accompanied by singers. With the help of the music they were listening to, they enforced their spirit and fought with greater courage. This is also the way the Egyptians did. The Old Testament relates the Jews' king, Saul, when was overwhelmed with melancholy, called David to play psalms on the lyre and this way Saul calmed down his soul. Another important fact is that David's psalms had the power to chase away the devils.

The ancient philosopher Platon thought tat every change of the musical tones has a direct influence on the spirit and ethics. Aristotle believed so much in the power of the music, that he had the opinion that young men's music had to be controlled by the laws of the state. Lenin, the head of the communist revolution said that one can quickly destroy a society through its music. All these things are very well known by the devil. From the very moment of his fall, he is convinced that his end is near and this makes him trouble. But Satan is very sly and preserved the best weapon to fight against human beings, and this weapon is the rock music.

Having all these things in front of our eyes, let's search a little bit the origins of the rock. Few of us know that the pointing start of this are to be found in the depths of the African jungle. When the slavers brought in 1619 the first slaves in America, they didn't bring only human bodies for selling, as they thought, but also their customs, traditions and especially their music, a ceremonial music of the ancient African religion whose power had its origin in the hypnotic rhythm which leads to a state of trance. In these religions that the slaves also practiced in America, the wizards and the pagan priests of the idols and of the cult Voodoo, invoked, also using animal sacrifices, the evil spirits(that is to say the demons), who instantly came to the satanic ceremonies.

Hence it is not by chance that in one of his interviews, John Lenon, the leader of the Beatles band, declared that "the best rock-n-roll is that primitive (original). Its sound came from the jungle".

The famous singer Jimmy Hendrix had a battery player native of Uganda-Africa whose father dealt with Voodoo and magic. This battery player was astonished by the rhythm and movements used by Hendrix which were similar to those used by his father. Mike Fleetwood band's soloist, as other rock-n-roll stars, traveled in the depths of the African jungle in order to learn the rhythms of Voodoo and to enrich the sound of his music.

The rock music still keeps the many elements of the ceremonies of the African magic.

Even their appearance shows that they are influenced by the same spirit that also influenced the original African movements.

But, please don't judge me wrongly, I am not racist. I only want you to understand that there are a great deal of similarities between them, the same rhythm, the same appearance, the same maniacal and spasmodic movements, the same cries and so on and so forth.

The way the ancient Greeks left and disowned their false gods when they embraced the true faith in Christ, the same way the members of the ancient African tribes when they believe and baptize themselves in the name of Christ, condemn they themselves the manners and their idolatrous and satanic customs.

In 1955, when the rock style appeared for the first time it created a great trouble in the society since it was built on the basis of revolution and revolt.

When the first rock star, Elvis Presley, appeared on television, his movements scandalized the world. He was only allowed to appear from the waist up. With our nowadays mentality, all these seem totally ridicule. Imagine that parents of nowadays young men considered Elvis's movements scandalous. It is indeed ridicule, but this was the opinion of the people in the past.

The same way with the Beatles. At the moment of their first appearance, the length of their hair was considered to be a great offense, whereas for us, they seem to be some angels. Therefore we see that step by step the people begin to accept things that in the past were perceived as scandalous. This a way of acting characteristic of Satan, step by step, so hat we shouldn't realize what is actually happening. Today, we reached such a degree of tolerance, that we are not scandalized even by the bands that openly glorify Satan.

A Britain band sing: Candles burn, the table for sacrifices burns, the death of the virgin is needed, sacrifice to Lucifer, my master. Bring he chalice, grab the knife, welcome to my sacrifice, thrust the dagger in her chest, I insist, sacrifice! Demons rejoice. I repeat: Demons rejoice. Sacrifice!"

The Australian band INXS sing: "Devil inside!"
In the present it is obvious that the rock music make use of many symbols and satanic images. Let's examine one of them:

The pentagram, a symbol of the black magic, used in the ceremonies and in the satanic invocations when it is placed upside down it forms the head of a he-goat which has always symbolized Satan. The use of this sign is very frequent in the field of the rock music.

Pan was one of the gods of the ancient Greeks. He had an appearance of man-he-goat and was known for the charming music he played on his flute

Here we see the emblem of a radiostation in Australia. Look who is depicted! It is no other than the ancient Pan, with angel wings, that is to say Satan, who nowadays instead of playing the flute, plays the rock electric guitar.

On a C.D. belonging to The Rolling Stones is depicted a foot of a he-goat wearing a woman shoe.

On the cover of their other C.D. we see a head of a he-goat sunk in a pot of blood. The title of the album is "Soap of head of he-goat".

Led Zeppelin has a song considered to be the most popular in the rock music: "Stairway to Heaven". A verse reminds of the god Pan, with the name of Pipper (flutist-who plays the flute) and sounds like this: "Your mind is crooning ceaselessly and unwillingly, the Pipper is calling to join him".

Unfortunately, the nowadays teenagers listen only to the advice of those from the Led Zeppelin and, by the rock music they step on the way to hell, following Pan, who, as we have noticed, stands for Satan.

In this icon of Christ we see that the fingers of the right hand are placed in such a way as to form His name. With the same gesture priests give their blessing in the church.

Here we see Anton Lavey, the founder of the satanist Church in America. Look at the form of his hand which symbolizes the Satan's horns. As the pentagram, this symbol is almost everywhere present in the rock music.

Does the Greek rock singer Nicolas Caravellas really knows what the fingers of his hand symbolize? Taking into account the title of his album "O Diavolos"(= the devil) it seems that he knows very well what it means.

This symbol of Satan has a large spreading through the rock music fans. With no shadow of a doubt, only o few of those who make this sign with their hand know its meaning. What a pity!

This symbol of the lightning belongs to the mystical symbols and represents the god Thor (=Satan). In the Gospel Christ says: "I saw Satan as lightning falling from the sky (Luke 10,18)"

In this photo the Satanist Anton Lavey bears a pentegram having in its center the sign of the lightning. Many bands as AC\DC, black Sabbath, Kiss use this symbol of the lightning,

and Michael Jackson makes it with his body while he is dancing.

May be a simple coincidence that Hitler's organization SS has as a symbol the same sign of the lightning?

The cross is a weapon of Orthodoxy. The devil hates the cross because through it Christ, through His saving sacrifice, showed His absolute love towards mankind and totally destroyed the devil's power.

About the Saint Cross, the Saint Gospel says: "the word of cross, for those who perish is craziness; and for us, who are saving our souls is the power of God"(Corithens 1, 18). For those who follow the path of sin, the power of the Saint Cross seems to be a foolishness, but for us, who follow the path of salvation, the Cross is the power of God, who save our souls.

Nowadays , the cross is the most frequently encountered adornment of the rock singers. They do not care that they make use of a saint symbol of Christianity and at the same time they commit all kinds of sins and unimaginable blasphemies. Thus, Satan diminishes the importance of the Cross and darken its value in the eyes of the teenagers.

The question arises: why they constantly profane the Saint Cross, why do they despise and fight against something they don't believe in and has no value for them? Why? In fact the Saint Cross burns them, trouble them, upsets them. But they don't realize that through this very fight against God and His symbols, willingly or unwillingly, they make proof of His existence and power.

A blasphemous and licentious singer, adored by thousands of teenagers, Madonna (whose name means Virgin) said in a magazine: "The cross is sexy because it has on it a naked man".

The upside down cross has always been an essential element of the satanic ceremonies, this thing often happening in the case of the rock music, too.

This T-shirt which depicts Christ's Cross placed upside down with the inscription: "Destroy it!", is worn by the singer of the band Sex Pistols.

Here we see the singer of Rolling Stones displaying it during a concert.

But the greatest blasphemy of the Cross is to be found in this symbol. Most of us consider it to be the emblem of peace, but if we attentively study its origin, we'll discover something opposite. Let's see now how this sign is obtained: as we have said, placing the Cross upside down is the same with profaning it, but when one breaks the two arms and place it within a magic circle (famous in the world of witchcraft), then the Cross is totally profaned, forming the so-called emblem of peace.

But the Saint Scripture names Christ "The Lord of Peace"(II Tesaloniceni 3,16),

but the devil eternal blasphemous against the truth, managed today to a greater extent to replace the Truth of Christ with his corrupt symbols, propagating them with the power of darkness and making use of tools as the rock singers with a great impact on the young men.

At the present time profaning the Saint Cross became a fashion.

According to the Holy Scripture, another characteristic feature of the possessed men are the loud cries. Here is an account of the encounter of a possessed man with Jesus Christ: "When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? " ( Luke 8,28) and also: "And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out"(Mark, 1,23). Let's compare now the possessed men's cries with the rock singers' cries.

Here we can see a image taken from a service of exorcism accomplished by a priest. The possessed men, beside loud cries, usually make furious and spasmodic gestures. Watch attentively the similarity with the rock music!

I listened to the Anvil band with their song, "666". Saint John the Theologian' s Book of Revelation says that this number stands for the beast or antichrist, who will come after the settlement of worldly government prepared by his forerunners and who will do signs and miracles with the power of the devil, deceiving people. Christ will also come, Who at His Second Coming, will defeat antichrist and will condemn him to eternal sufferings, together with those who followed him.

very many singers became they themselves, willingly or unwillingly, forerunners of the antichrist, by the displaying of his number thus preparing the youth for his acceptance.

Black Sabbath presents the number 666 on the cover of this album. The same way do the American bands Aphrodite's Child and Matadorgroup. The most important member of the band Mickysix wears the number 666 n his T-shirt, together with the words "Losing faith".

The band Iron Maiden released an album with the title "The number of Beast".

The rock music is shared into many branches. Until now we spoke only to those which has an open satanic feature. Some believe that the avoidance of this genre of rock music and the restriction to the calmer or surer genres, we are not influenced towards evil. May I say something? What we take for sure, is sometimes more dangerous than what we have seen before, because it has a subtler influence. One does not speak openly of the devil, who is hiding under various masks and disguises. The devil does not show only under this ugly appearance, known by everybody, but he can change in many wayswe have never imagine. The Holy Scripture says: It is no wonder that the Devil can tun into the angel of light"( II Corinteni 11,14).

Another message of the rock music is the sexual libertinism. Children reaching the age of adolescence are dreadfully assaulted by this genre of music which defile their minds and inoculates a disfigured conception on the true meaning of the feeling of love.

The head of the band Rolling Stones declares in the pages of the newspaper "Times": "Rock-n-roll is sex and we have to hit the teenagers with it into their faces".

George Michael sings "I want your sex". This song had a great success and was listened to by thousands of young men from all over the world. In its verses he says: "Won't tell you no lies, don't need no Bible, just look in my eyes". The Holy Scripture is the word of God; by not accepting the Scripture, George Michael does not accept God, too. This is more satanic than we have heard before, because it is hidden under the mask of sinful love.

The Holy Scripture says: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God."(I CORINTHIANS 6,9-10).

For the nowadays society, the idea of preserving the sexual relation within the family seems to be a joke, seems to be ridicule. The reason for which God restrained the sexual relation in the Holy Scripture and blessed it in the Mystery of Marriage is because of is importance and honour. The goal of family is that of giving birth to children, and the satisfaction of physical desires outside marriage has great destructive consequences. We can only take into account the dreadful venereal diseases and especially the AIDS, which nowadays are spreading more and more in the whole world. That is why God strictly decided that this precious relation to be preserved within marriage. These diseases are the consequences of free sexual relations. Today, this relation became some cheap and passing entertainment, being violently displayed everywhere, particularly in the rock music. Sex is the almost all the bands and rock singers' favourite subject. However, even the word "rock-n-roll", in the African dialect, where it comes from, has the exact meaning of sexual act.

Let's draw a parenthesis. Do you remember the god Pan, symbolizing Satan who is tightly related to the music? This god is not related only to the music , but his name is also associated to the physical love.

Not only the rock songs, but also the (Greek) popular music worships this kind of physical love.

But the greatest lie and the greatest deceit is the rock music which declares to be Christian. The artists who mix Christianity with rock and chastity with the physical love present themselves as outstanding examples for their disciples. In their opinion one may believe in God and at the same time one may waste the time listening to this music. look what Alice Cooper advises us: "in the morning at the church and in the evening rock-nroll".

But Christ says: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (MATTHEW 6,24).

A proverb says: "There is not enough space for two feet in the same boot". I keep wondering about the Christian rock: how can Christ be glorified by the rock music? the rock music is a violent genre of music, which trouble the human soul, who can not glorify God in this mood. Beside the text having Christian content there is no other difference between it and the other rock bands. It is like admitting that there is Christian debauchery, or Christian witchcraft, but all these are impossible. Let's not forget that Satan made use of the words of the Holy Scripture in order to lead Jesus Christ into temptation in the in the desert. The Christian rock is but another mask and trap of the devil.

Not long before in the field of rock appears a new musical genre which also comes from the black Africans and which is wide-spread: the rap-house. This new music is but a polite appearance of Voodoo, based on strong hypnotic rhythm of trance which produce physical desires in the soul. Very often its text has a dirty, injurious vocabulary.

In the latest time the disco-club and the centers of night entertainment attract more and more teenagers, who gather here as the flies at dirt. Let's see some advertisements of some of these centers. Here is depicted a "tramp angel" who invites the teenagers "in the seventh heaven". The day of invitation is Sunday.

Another advertisement says: "since you won't go to heaven, anyway, then go to hell". And down on the page there is written: " It's wild, burning, it's hell". The disco-club is named "Checkpoint" and invites the teenagers on Sunday, too.

Another disco-club bears the name "Warehouse" and notice their symbol.

Another advertisement contain the words "blasphemy" and "The Judgment Day".

Here we read "in the house of the devil, the sinful sounds of the devil" and "the satanic style"

Finally, a scaring advertisement which contain the satanic symbol of pentagram, having in its center the number 666. It was posted in the Christmas' Eve in 1989 in a disco-club in Melbourne.

Where may this constant concern for the Christian and devilish symbols come from? if all these are but mere superstitions, then why all the modern people of nowadays, in the age of science and technology, are still interested in them? It would be natural that they forgot them. The greatest victory the devil obtained in his fight against men is that of convincing them that he does not exist. This allows him to easier do his work. Satan's wish is to be worshipped like God and at the present time he is certainly very satisfied of his successful results. In today's society music became an international language, influencing the teenagers' way of dressing, haircut or behaviour.

A great prophet of Orthodoxy, Saint Cosma of Etolia, who lived 200 years ago prophesied unbelievable things which came true nowadays; that men will look like women and women like men. Take a look of some rock's men!

And now a few women!

The rock music became an international language. But what is the message it transmits? The today's songs are saying to us: "If you like it, do it!"; but God says to do only what is good. This rock philosophy "do what you want and don't listen to anybody" is the highest order of Satanism. Many people think that Satanism suppose only human sacrifices, orgies, ceremonies, etc., Satanism is also doing what you want, without obeying any authority, even if God. This is proved by the greatest Satanist of the 20th century, the British Alice Crowley, who died in the late '40s and who entitled himself " the great beast-666", as we see on his portrait.

In one of his book he mentions that the main order of Satanism of to do your will. This philosophy is respected by many rock stars and applied in their songs.

Led Zeppelin's guitarist, Jimmy Page, lives in Crowley's old house. David Bowie mentions him in one of his songs, Beatles presents him on the cover of one of their albums,

Ozzy Osbourne has a song named "Mr. Crowley".

In this picture Jim Morrison with his band The Doors are standing around a statuette of Crowley.

The next song of an Australian band says: "Do what you wanna do and be what you wanna be". Another singer says: "I am free to do what I want, to be what I want, at the hour I want and to choose what I want". The more we listen to this music, the more we feed our mind with thoughts which are against God's will. In the world there is undoubtedly a great tolerance towards these conceptions, which generalize more and more and which finally will lead to destruction.

Teenagers wake up on music, drive on music, play sport n music, go to sleep on music. in other words, music became their second breath. But we have to understand that music has a spiritual nature, which passes through the mind and directly speaks to the soul. The famous guitarist Jimmy Hendrix said: " the essence of music is spiritual. Through it you may hypnotize the people, and when you find their weak point you may directly suggest them in their subconscious what you want to say to them." Hendrix admitted the hidden power existing behind his music.

Having my personal experience as the starting point and looking back, I can state that thousands of people's conscious is subjugated through the rock music. Thinking of my past, I remember that would listened to my albums every day with no exception.

Different scientific experiences showed that music influences not only the soul, but also the matter. In the case of plants one have noticed that a soft sound ( the classical music, for example) helps their growth while the rock music may lead to their fading. If on the plants the rock music has such a strong influence, then it surely produce harmfulness to the people. The rock music has became today a new religion, fact emphasized even by the rock stars. The guitarist Rolly Gallanger said: "I saw rock as a reason to live, like a religion". Let's listen now to a rock journalist who states that : "If Elvis had been God, the Beatles would have been Christ".

The rock stars are called "priests and priestess" in a magazine Madonna was named "priestess of rock" together with Cher and Tina Turner. Here even her appearance resembles to an ancient goddess. The singer Ozzy Osbourne entitles himself "bishop". Other stars wished to be considered saints in the eyes of their fans. This article pretends : "Make Elvis a saint!"

Satan cunningly replaced the God's true saints with false saints:

Bob Dylan.

the singer Nina Hagen (depicted as The Mother of God).

Beside bishop, Ozzy Osbourne also pretends to be saint as Christ.

Not only that they are represented as saints but they also entitle this way : here the singer Bob Gedof calls himself "saint".

As we have noticed before, they have always imitated the truth of God. The children's rooms became temples of. The way churches are adorned with icons, the same the children's rooms are full of images of the stars they adore. The Saint table of Sacrifices is replaced with the apparatus with which the teenagers waste their time listening to the rock music. When I was adolescent, I had myself an idol in the person of Jim Simmons from the Kiss band. Indeed , I considered him to be an incarnated god.

Here you see me imitating him. I tried to imitate everything he would do. I even succeeded to throw flames out of my mouth, just like him; I didn't care that I was in danger to be burnt by the fire and be forever maimed.

The Holy Scripture warns the young men: "Sons, beware of idols!" (John 5,21). Unfortunately, the real saints, who have fought for years against the devil and have even died for Christ, are completely unknown to the teenagers. The saints, who worked wonders during their lifetime through God's grace, and go on working wonders even after their death. These are the true heroes, unfortunately despised by the new generation, who prefers to worship the rock idols.

The Holy Scripture also warns us: "You will recognize them by their fruits" (Mattew 7,16). Which are the fruits of the rock stars? Revolt, drugs, death, alcoholism, violence, homosexuality and sexual libertinism. In the early 80's there appeared within the rock music a phenomenon which couldn't be completely explained until today. This phenomenon is called reversed rendering. At the reversed rendering of some rock songs, there are heard messages which usually have a strong Satanist feature. Blasphemies against Christ, words of praise for Satan or immoral advice. This phenomenon was signaled by many researchers and cannot be denied. Technically speaking, these messages are almost impossible to be deliberately accomplished. How can anyone sing a verse or a sentence, and the reversed rendering to have another meaning, with Satanic content? This is what happened with some of our songs, without our participation in this sense. The only explanation we can give in this case is that this phenomenon takes place with the mysterious involvement of the evil spirits. We have proves that some bands or singers, after the recording in the studio and before the multiplication of the, matrita usually officiate some kind of "blessing", during which they invoke Satan to help them enjoy success. The way priests bless and the bred during the Church divine service, the same the servants of black magic have their ceremonies of invoking the devil.

The first example we are going to listen belong to the Queen band. The song is called "Another one bites the dust". The chorus "Another one bites the dust" during the reversed rendering is heard "start to smoke marijuana".

Listen to the chorus in the two senses (rockmusicreverse.mp3)

Why does the devil want to smoke marijuana? In order to become narcotized and die, the way the title itself express it.

One of the most astonishing examples is to be found in the case of the song "Stairway to Heaven" sung by Led Zeppelin. The verses say: "Yes, there are two ways you can go by, but in the long run, there is still time to change the way you're on". Even on the normal sense of the song there is enough poison which can dirty the souls of thousands of teenagers and send them to hell. Indeed there are only two paths, which Christ Himself spoke about: one is wide and easy, with entertainment and pleasures, followed by the majority, but which leads to perdition and hell; the other is narrow and followed by few. There is no middle-way. His intention of making us believe that there is still enough time to change the way we are on is extremely cunning: "don't worry, live your life, your youth, go on committing sins and later on you'll return to God". But who can assure us that we will ever reach this "later on"? Do we really have a closed contract with God and know exactly when we will die? Because no one knows the time of the death or whether he will reach the following day, we have to return to God this moment, until we still have time, before it is too late.

Listen to the verses in the two senses (rockmusicreverse.mp3)

Let's listen now the same verse of the song, reverse rendered: "My sweet Satan, no other made a path, for it makes me sad, whose power is Satan"

We are not sure of the reasons of the existence of these messages; they seem to have an influence on the human subconscious. but we know very well that if anyone live the life of Church Mysteries, is protected by God's grace and defended not only against these hidden messages, but also against any influence of black magic, in which people trust more and more than in Christ's Church.

Satan is not at all sweet. At the beginning he presents the sin as being sweet order to attract us, and then he feeds us with bitterness and poison for us to fall into despair. His goal is to steal, to destroy, to kill our soul. Through the rock music, especially he succeeded to destroy the young people, chasing out of their souls any aspiration towards good, beautiful and moral, seeding in their place only hate and despise for the ancestors' faith.

The antichrist spirit of the rock music is illustratively expressed in the following fragment taken from the song of the Greek rock singer Vasilis Papaconstantinos: "Let me fill up the gaps the with the rock music that I love, let me go wrong, don't pretend to be God, I don't like the saviours, I don't want to be saved".

The rock music has been the center of my life for seven years. I did what I could possibly do in order to become somebody and I can say that I succeeded. But the moment I felt that God really exist I understood that I had to follow His way and not the one I had chosen. But I was so attached to my band, that it was impossible for me to leave it. When I started to warmly and sincerely pray , I saw that step by step my life was changing every passing day. I opened the door of my soul to Christ, Who was knocking on it and I understood that through my life until that moment I glorified Satan and not God . Indeed, only near God can anyone feel the true happiness and accomplishes his life. In my case the change didn't occur at once. When I found out what is hidden behind the rock music, I realized that my whole life was in contradiction with God's will, I felt qualms of conscience. I was quite lost, I made the decision to totally follow God. Here is a great mystery: the decision to change our life belongs to us, but the power to do it comes from God. We can receive this help from God through prayer. That is why we have to pray from the bottom of our hearts: " My Lord, help me escape from the devil' trap, because I now understand that this is not a play, as I thought at the beginning.

In my gradual change helped me my Christian friends, the reading of the Holy Scripture, the often confession and the Holy Eucharist and generally the life according to the Mysteries of the Church. That is why I advise you to search a good father confessor to show you how to live a normal Christian life.

I draw your attention that in all the things we how seen before about the rock music no other person belonging to the religious field as for example Buddha or Mahomed or any other, but only Christ. There is a constant concern and fight against Him. why may the devil urge the people to utter blasphemies against Christ? Because Christ is the Truth.

Satan does not want the people to find the truth, for fear that they should be saved. That is why he deceive them, making them believe that they have found ten truth when they belong to other faiths beside Orthodoxy. In this very point I want to tell you that I also entered other sects: Evangelists, Pentecostals , Baptists; I can say that they are lost. Not only that they distort the Holy Scripture, but they do not have any historical link with it. All of us are free to follow Christ, or to deny Him; this depend on us and if we use this freedom to deny Him, He is not the One Who punish us, but ourselves because this way leads only to perdition.

I hope that what you have heard were useful to you. I do beg you to be careful what kind of music you listen to and do not misunderstand me, I do not condemn music in general; there also is good music, but you have to look for it in nowadays society. I personally listen to classic and Byzantine music. as a reference point, I advise you to take into account two things: the sound of the music and the text of the songs you are listening to.

Saint John of Kronstadt said: "Do not let yourselves attracted to the pleasant sound of an instrument or of a voice, but beware of the consequences that these may have upon your soul. If the sounds bring joy in the soul and pure divine feelings, then you can feed your souls listening to them. If these sounds give birth to physical desires, remove them totally, and never again listen to that music!"

The truth is that the surest ship on the waves of life is the Orthodox Church, which is lead by Christ Himself and His Apostles.

Thank you for listening to me. I wish you the Heaven!


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